Restructuring & Insolvency

Coordination of asset searches and attachment, counselling on debt priorities and collection, litigation, research on companies’ financial condition, enforcement of foreign court decisions and support of overseas litigation to ensure greater collectability, handling of distressed assets, counselling on bankruptcy matters including business shutdowns and employment law considerations of mass redundancies.

Companies operating in or entering the Greater China markets rely on Eiger for a wide variety of advice on the handling of bankruptcy situations, both from the standpoint of companies facing economic problems and for creditors seeking to get money out of a distressed enterprise. Our integrated approach to client needs ensures that we are ready to provide efficient and practical advice for how to address current and anticipated legal and business issues:

  • Asset searches and counselling
  • Asset attachment
  • Debt collection
  • Debt priorities and collection counselling
  • Corporate shutdowns and related filings
  • Employment law compliance and mass redundancies/layoffs
  • Review of severance and pension obligations
  • Enforcement of foreign court decisions and support of overseas litigation
  • Handling of distressed assets

Team Members: John EASTWOOD, Heather HSIAOTian XUDavid JINPaul J. CASSINGHAM, Michael WERNERNathan SNYDER