Companies operating in Greater China and the larger Asia Region rely on Eiger for a wide variety of corporate-policy and legal compliance matters. From antitrust to anti-bribery laws, we provide counseling and training of personnel regarding legal obligations under local and overseas laws, as well as expert assistance when potential problems are discovered. We also work closely with companies to provide counseling, training and remedial solutions to ensure overseas offices maintain a corporate climate to match the values of the head office.

  • Antitrust policy legal compliance training and advice
  • U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act 2010 legal compliance training and advice
  • Corporate policy compliance training and advice, including ethics and conflicts handling
  • Environmental legal compliance training and advice
  • Management of evidence collection and handling during investigations
  • Representation in front of governmental authorities

Eiger offers the state-of-the-art, flexible and cost-effective ethics and compliance training solutions online. Eiger and its partners have applied years of legal, training and technology experience. Our online training is crafted on an approach that is comprehensive, custom-tailored, accountable, cost-effective and secure (complying with the security requirements of Verisign™ and TRUSTe™, the industry standards).

The firm is a member of several committees of both the American Chamber of Commerce Taipei and the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, closely following regulatory developments in the corporate, banking, human resource and other important sectors.

Team Members: John EASTWOOD, Heather HSIAOTian XU, Jonathan XI, Nathan SNYDER, Jasmin MA, Sarah CHEN, Brandon LIU