Eiger Law Participates in MOJ Prosecutor Training Session on IP

On May 7, 2009, Eiger Law’s John Eastwood and Eve Chen gave a presentation to Taiwan Ministry of Justice prosecutors about international practices in criminal prosecutions of intellectual property infringements. The presentation covered issues including the documentation required by prosecutors, sentencing, how false testimony and documentation matters are pursued, as well as the “strikingly similar” doctrine in copyright; jurisdictions covered included France, the UK, German,

and Switzerland, with some comparisons to U.S. and Taiwan law provided along the way. Many thanks to Kristofer Bott of Graff von Westphalen, Benjamin Goldenberg and Anne-Marie Pecoraro of Aklea, Pascal Thien-Ah-Koon of UGGC, Stuart Adams and Nick Redfearn of Rouse & Co., Gregor Wild of Rentsch & Partner, and the others who provided enormous help in preparing this multijurisdictional presentation.