Eiger’s Map and Guide to Taiwan’s Offshore Wind Farm Projects

Taiwan has launched a plan to develop offshore wind farms in the Taiwan Strait.  The government’s goals are quite aggressive – 500 MW to be commissioned in 2020, an additional 5 GW to be commissioned in 2021-2025, and more to follow in 2026-2030.  As a result, events are unfolding rapidly. New policy details and updates on specific projects are reported in the media, but much of this information is superseded or becomes out-of-date quickly.  It is difficult for interested parties to keep up with the “big picture” as it develops.

As a law firm with an established Taiwan renewable energy practice, Eiger is aware of the value of a consolidated reference for Taiwan’s burgeoning offshore wind farm projects. To address this need, the firm has created this map and guide as a public resource based on public information for anyone interested in the progress of Taiwan’s offshore wind industry. This resource is intended to be an ongoing work — as such any corrections, additions, updates or other feedback is welcome, and may be sent to [email protected].

This map displays three types of offshore wind farm projects:

     1. The three original projects approved in the Phase 1 Demonstration Incentive Program (“DIP”), labeled Demo 1 through Demo 3;

     2. The 36 zones identified by Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy in the Phase 2 Zone Application for Planning (“ZAP”) Program, labeled 1 through 36; and

     3. Four other zones identified by individual developer applicants, labeled A through D.

To access information about a specific project, click on the project location, or click on the four-corner icon in the upper right corner to open an enlarged map, then  enter the name of the developer (in English or Chinese) in the search box. A dialog box will then open containing important public information about that project.

For more information about Taiwan’s offshore wind program and other important legal topics, please contact Mr. Paul J. CASSINGHAM or Ms. Heather HSIAO at [email protected] or visit Eiger’s publications page.