Litigation & Arbitration

Handling of and coordination of client representation before courts and arbitral tribunals, mediation, enforcement of judgment and arbitral awards; support of overseas litigation with regards to service of process, managing the collection of evidence, monitoring of local developments, and the development of strategies.

Companies facing litigation within Greater China rely on Eiger for practical advice on the handling of litigation, arbitration and crisis-management situations. With litigators in both our Taipei and Shanghai locations, we offer an integrated, results-oriented approach. Work includes:

  • Civil, criminal and administrative litigation at all levels
  • Representation in the arbitration and mediation of disputes
  • Counselling on dispute-resolution alternatives, drafting of forum and choice-of-law clauses
  • Effective advance research on counterparties, coordination of evidence collection, asset checks
  • Assistance with overseas litigation, including service of process, coordination of evidence-collection, counterparty research
  • Advice on and enforcement of foreign litigation and arbitral decisions
  • Ex-parte attachment of assets
  • Ex-parte preservation of evidence filings

Through our specialized partners, Eiger provides multi-language search and review for E-Discovery and large-scale document review. Eiger’s internal and external systems are leaders in supporting multi-language search and our systems are fully Unicode compliant, allowing for effective cross-border, cross-culture and cross-language litigation and arbitration support. Through use of the leading grid-based e-discovery platform on the market, we can manage our client’s complex litigation and regulatory matters and work fully integrated with international correspondence firms.

Eiger actively supports the Chinese-European Arbitration Association (CEAA), including with sponsoring events and activities

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