ECCT Hosts Taiwan IP Office Director General Wang for Lunch Talk, March 9th, in Taipei

On March 9, 2009, the European Chamber of Commerce Taipei (ECCT) hosted Taiwan IP Office (TIPO) Director General Wang Mei-Hua for a speech on the future direction of Taiwan’s IP protection efforts. DG Wang provided an overview of cooperative efforts between Taiwan’s IP officials and their counterparts in Japan, the EU, the United States, as well as new efforts to cooperate with cross-Strait counterparts in the People’s Republic of China.

Members also received an overview of the new amendments to Taiwan’s trademark, patent and copyright laws, as well as an overview of some of the current proposals regarding hot topics like compulsory licensing. Over the past couple of years, Taiwan and the European Commission were brought to the brink of a WTO dispute over Taiwan’s compulsory-licensing program – an uneasy truce remains pending finalization of Taiwan’s efforts to restore WTO compliance.